Having Problems Communicating Your Ideas?

There are times when millions of thoughts run through our mind about a particular idea, and every thought makes complete sense to us. However, once we try to share these thoughts with others, we begin to face difficulty communicating them. This difficulty often arises when we assume that the person, whom  we are communicating with, have a basic understanding of what we are talking about; thus, we skip explaining each thought in detail, leaving the person feeling confused. It is similar to telling someone a story by informing them about the beginning and the end while leaving the middle portion of the story out. The solution to this problem is to allow yourself to step back and observe the main idea and it’s details. You can begin by painting a picture of the main idea to your listener, then go into each detail while fighting the urge to skip some of your thoughts. The details are the main components of each idea; thus your listener will be able to understand the idea you are trying to communicate if you orally build the idea by putting the components together in front of your listener. The trick is to break down each idea to small components then build it once again in your mind before you try to communicate your thoughts with others.

I read this article in inc. magazine, Lessons in Learning How To Program, where the author connects programming to communicating. In order to program, one has to break down each thought and explain it in details to the computer, a machine that knows nothing. Thus, if one wants to communicate their ideas effectively to others, they have to break down each thought and explain it piece by piece without rushing or assuming that the listeners is capable of reading the speaker’s mind.


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